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Increase Growth

Switching to iCabbi has delivered success and enabled partners to become market innovators.

“Increased automation, great customer & driver apps, and being able to log in and manage the business from anywhere – has enabled us to grow, despite increasing competition and options for both consumers and drivers.”
Spencer Kimball, Alexandria Yellow Cab, Virginia.

Reduce Costs

Our tech drives efficiency through automation that is revolutionising the business

“The power, stability and flexibility of the system is exactly what every cab company needs to thrive in a difficult era. We’ve cut costs across the board and created a whole new level of efficiency in every aspect of the business.”
Radio Cab, Portland, Oregon

Peace of Mind

Seemless processes and clever tech reduces friction to help focus on growth and quality

“iCabbi’s platform is fast, flexible and easy to use, allowing us to focus on solving real problems. Above all, customer satisfaction levels are up. 38 years in the business, 8 months on iCabbi, I wish I made the move sooner!”
Dave Gauer, VIP Taxi, Phoenix, AZ

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